I'm Ilija Stanojevic Professional Chess Coach since 2020

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I offer top-quality lessons on opening knowledge, middle-game strategy, end-game strategy, and tactical calculations. You’ll get personalized support, homework assignments, and guaranteed progress.

What is 2000 Chess Club?

The 2000 Chess Club is a place where you will learn how to learn alone chess!


Experienced and Trusted

I use creativity to help my students in improvement.

Creative thinking allows players to analyze various possibilities, adapt to different positions, and identify new tactical opportunities.

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My Reviews


5 out of 5 | Base on 23 reviews

Ilija is a great teacher and has a well prepared plan for each lesson. Furthermore he has a lot of material to offer as homework for inbetween lessons. He also reviews my games and offers constructive criticism and highlights areas to improve. For me personally it helps me keep a focus on learning new concepts and trying to improve my skills.

Manuel, Austria

Ilija is an exceptional coach. His approach is remarkably thorough and inclusive, featuring abundant training materials and a tailored daily program that suits your level and objectives. He possesses an excellent intuition for discerning your strengths and weaknesses, often in ways that may elude your own perception.

Kerim Demirkol Calvelo, Turkey

Taught me a lot of new things, easy to communicate, easy to make plans with. What more can there be? Well ofc there can be more: he analyses random games I play, points out flaws and strengths and tries to improve both of the aspects instead of just sticking to some rigid coaching plan. Would recommend with my full heart.

Vladimir Kalicanin, Serbia

We love Ilija. He is smart and patient teacher. My 5-year-old son didn’t know anything about chess before. After 2 lessons my son knew all shapes and how to move it. I plan to have lessons with Ilija as long as I can. Thank you Ilija for your time, for your kindness and for being nice with my son and for teaching him a lot

Marina Smith, USA

Ilija is a great coach. He will tell you what you are lacking at and good at. He also gives you homework according to your tactics level. He is very patient and helps you improve tremendously.

Rehan Malik, India

Ilija improved my calculations in a couple of months and enriched my repertoire, I am very satisfied with my results. He is fully dedicated coach and I am suggesting him to everyone who wants to play aggressive chess.

Charlie , UK


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Frequently Asked Questions

I provide a myriad of services and know getting the right support is overwhelming. Sourcing my frequently asked questions, I want to help and provide you with the service that is right for you.

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